GamesSnowman Story

Game overview

Guide a snowman to its Northern Sanctuary through puzzles and discover the stories of melted snowmen along the way in this heartwarming adventure game.

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Prepare yourself to experience the adventure of a lifetime in this exciting game where you become a snowman who is desperately fleeing from the impending doom of melting caused by the arrival of Spring. You have to journey to the North, searching for a Sanctuary that will keep you safe from the melting sun, and you must complete challenging puzzles to advance through the game.

Experience the heart-rending announcement of your fate by a crow. As the poor snowman comes to terms with his fleeting life, he sets out on an epic quest to reach a mythical refuge that will protect him from the oncoming thaw.

As you progress towards your destination, the game is filled with thought-provoking challenges that require your puzzle-solving skills to progress. Not in the mood for a challenge? No problem, simply skip the puzzles and continue the story.

While on your journey, you will come across the remains of once vibrant snowmen that have melted away. Touch their remaining pieces to witness their memories and lives before their downfall. Bear witness to the struggles and triumphs of other snow creatures on your way to sanctuary.

Get ready to experience the magic of Christmas and embark on a journey filled with miracles. Will you find the Sanctuary, or will the Spring melt away all your hopes and dreams? The choice is yours in this game.
Release date
Dec 12, 2019
Single player