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Snowball Battle

Game overview

Unleash an epic snowball fight, defeat Yeti bosses, demolish barricades using unique projectiles. Are you ready for this?

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Enter a thrilling snowball battle and immerse yourself in a flurry of projectile action! Utilize a range of different projectiles to pummel your opponents, demolish barricades, and conquer the battlefield!

With a variety of weapons at your disposal, choose your ammunition wisely as you aim to outsmart and outmaneuver your opposition. Carefully selected projectiles can make all the difference in a tight spot, so keep your wits about you and unleash your arsenal with precision.

In addition to taking down standard enemies, you'll have to face off against formidable Yeti bosses who won't go down without a fight. But with careful planning and strategic execution, nothing is impossible!

Destroy your foes' barricades to gain the upper hand, leaving them flustered and vulnerable. Each shattered barricade will bring you one step closer to victory - but be sure to watch your own back in the process.

In this fast-paced snowball showdown, the tides can turn in an instant. Keep your wits about you, employ a wide range of tactics, and emerge victorious in the ultimate snowball skirmish!
Release date
Nov 01, 2022