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Sniper of Duty:Sexy Agent Spy

Game overview

Sniper Of Duty: complete missions, strengthen guns, and protect the weak. Use stealth and strategy to become an admirable sniper.

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Sniper Of Duty is an all-new upgrade of the first-person FPS sniper game, where you are required to play the role of a vigilant marksman on a quest to fulfil enigmatic tasks, redeem the city from the clutches of evil, protect the vulnerable, and become a celebrated sniper!

The gameplay involves:
*Analyzing the objectives set and identify the target location.
*Demonstrate patience and observe vigilantly.
*Aim and execute a precise headshot.
*Accumulate rewards, diamonds, and purchase advanced weapons.
*Complete missions and enhance firepower.

The game has countless features such as:
*A fast and lively background music score to improve your focus and foster critical thinking skills.
*A well-thought-out design ensuring the seamless GPS mapping feature that aids in locking down target locations.
*An engaging and diverse level that includes puzzle-solving, fault identification, and many more to ensure a thoroughly riveting experience.
*An inventive sniper mode of indirect killing which encourages you to utilize surroundings, and make smart use of various scene props to take down more than your designated target
*An authentically humorous and ingenious task fulfilment system that brings you to the thrill of diurnal life activities and enhances your immersion in gameplay.
*A vast array of weapons, each visually striking and distinctive, meticulously crafted, and duly tested to simulate their real-life abilities.

It all comes down to one shot, and you must brace yourself for glory! Hold your breath, keep a calm collective mind, and wait for the ideal moment to take the perfect shot to redeem the city.
JoyMore Inc
Release date
Sep 23, 2022
Single player