Snaileeyo Save Them

Snaileeyo Save Them

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Game overview

Save Snaileeyo friends and reunite the kingdom by defeating foes, jumping, parrying, flying, and solving obstacles in a colorful 3D adventure platformer.

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Prepare yourself to embark on a thrilling journey in a vibrant and bizarre realm in this captivating 3D adventure game. Encounter a massive extraterrestrial boulder known as "Rocky" alongside its nefarious crew of adversaries that consist of the plump and greedy "Floaty", the intergalactic "Spacer", and the eerie apparition named "Mask". They have taken hold of the Snaileeyo™ kingdom, imprisoned numerous Snaileeyos, and confiscated all of their powerful crystals. As the only surviving Snaileeyo™, it's up to you to RESPOND TO THE CALL OF DUTY and reunite the kingdom while rescuing your friends.

In this action-packed journey, be ready to experience a splendid mix of cuteness and quirkiness as you traverse through a magnificent 3D world filled with bizarre creatures and challenging obstacles. Jump, wield your shell as a shield, soar through the sky, freeze your enemies, thaw frozen structures, use decoys to confound your foes, and overcome mind-boggling obstacles. Are you ready to ACCEPT THE MISSION, and bring the kingdom back to its former state? The fate of Snaileeyo™ rests in your hands, are you up for the challenge?
Release date
Aug 02, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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