Smash Monkeys

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Race, jump and smash your friends in Smash Monkeys' competitive multiplayer levels, with a variety of power-ups and skins.

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Race to victory and become the champion in Smash Monkeys, an exhilarating game packed with challenges that put your reflexes to the test. Face off against other players, explore various worlds, and utilize powerful objects to knock out your rivals and reach the finish line before anyone else!

Smash Monkeys revamps the legendary PvP racing games by adding a fresh competitive and multiplayer flair to platform gaming. The story sets the stage for the biggest competition of the year, the Smash Race where the most potent Smashers go head to head in a demonstration of strength, speed, and agility. Join the Smashers and push through the ranks to reap jaw-dropping rewards.

The Smashers are the stars of the competition, appearing friendly, but once their animal instincts take over, watch out! Get your hands on various Smasher skins, including shark, samurai, and mummy, among others, and pick the perfect Smasher for you. Elevate your character with starting and ending animations for greater style.

Power-up your Smasher with top-of-the-line objects such as Bananarang and Lightning that stun your foes, Hook and Bombonut to outsmart your competitors, and Gravity Amplifiers that create a fast and furious chase. The fun never ends as there are more power-ups to discover!

Explore different worlds such as the City, Jungle, Pyramids, Cyberpunk, and Volcano, each with new challenges and obstacles to overcome. Race through city streets, climb buildings and take shortcuts through pipes and sewers, or navigate through forests, avoiding spike traps. Anything can happen in the Pyramids world, with giant rolling stones close on your heels and hidden traps that can seal your fate. Make your way through Cyberpunk worlds, where lasers and traps move quickly, and conveyor belts whizz ahead. Be careful not to be burned in the Volcano world with its fiery dragons, and lava lakes that could trap you forever.

Future upgrades will give players access to more than 10 worlds, new game modes, including team duel and race against time, and a competitive system that allows you to climb the leaderboards and challenge the best players in the world. Stay updated by following the game's social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Discord, Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter.

In conclusion, Smash Monkeys is a thrilling parkour battle game that promises excitement, action, and adventure. Get ready to unleash your competitive spirit and have a blast playing! Copyright © 2021 Sync Games. All Rights Reserved.
Sync Games
Release date
Apr 22, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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