Smart Baby Shapes

Smart Baby Shapes

Viacheslav Fonderkin
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Game overview

Teach toddlers colors, shapes & sizes with Smart Baby Shapes' fun & interactive mini-games; for ages 2+.

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Smart Baby Shapes is a fantastic game that immerses your child in a world of vibrant colors, shapes and sizes, making learning an easy and enjoyable experience. The game's primary focus is to help your child learn how to identify shapes, sizes and colors effectively and accurately while teaching them how to pronounce these terms correctly.

With a mix of both static and moving objects, the game actively engages your child, helping them develop better coordination and fine motor skills, making them sharper and more versatile in their movements. This app is a great tool for parents looking for an effective and fun way to introduce their kids to the fundamentals of learning and development.

Designed for children aged 2 years and above, Smart Baby Shapes is an excellent choice for parents looking for an app that offers simple and intuitive control. The game's ease of use ensures that children can easily adjust to the various colors and shapes presented in the game, making their first interactions with these essential learning tools as fun and cheerful as possible.

Smart Baby Shapes comes packed with distinctive features that set it apart from other educational games of its kind. With 4 exciting games and over 40 levels, the app adopts a "simple-to-complex" approach, making it easy for children of all ages to start playing and understanding the concepts presented in the game. The app covers all the primary colors and shapes that are essential for a child's early development, making it a great tool for nurturing your child's cognitive abilities.

Overall, Smart Baby Shapes is a game that not only entertains your child but also helps them develop essential skills like logic, fine motor skills, and attention. With its intuitive controls, fun gameplay, and educational content, Smart Baby Shapes is a perfect choice for parents looking for a fun and interactive way to teach their children the principles of learning and development.
Viacheslav Fonderkin
Release date
Dec 05, 2015

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Smart Baby Shapes: Learning games for kids (ABC123 WORLD)ABC123 World
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