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Game overview

Join your favorite streamers in Slipstream: Rogue Space aboard massive starships. Fight aliens, operate the ship in real-time and survive in randomly generated maps.

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Slipstream: Rogue Space invites you to embark on a thrilling adventure by teaming up with your favorite streamers and exploring the vastness of the galaxy. Get ready to fight against hostile aliens and operate the ship as a team to conquer the universe! No more chat commands. In Slipstream, you get to enjoy a real multiplayer experience and interact with your friends and community members in a live setting.

In Slipstream, you can assume one of two unique roles - the captain or the crew. The captain is responsible for making strategic decisions, giving orders, and leading the team. The captain is usually a live streamer leading their community from a PC. The crew, on the other hand, works together efficiently, shooting, repairing, hacking, and more. Players can choose from a variety of specialized crew classes, including the sturdy Brawler Bear, the clever Hacker Cat, the speedy Brawler Croc, the speedy Mechanic Hamster, the master Mechanic Octopus, and the Shield Expert Turtle.

As you progress through Slipstream, you will earn permanent XP, allowing you to level-up your skill tree for each character, and become a pro at helping the captains conquer the space. Slipstream's universe in Rogue Space is invaded by hostile aliens, and the few earthlings that survived banded together on the edge of space seeking to survive and exact revenge. There's no quick path to victory, but with hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of zapped slugs, you can keep hope alive.

You will encounter a variety of regions in Slipstream, each with different randomly-generated maps. Each run is a unique experience with evolving dangers and rewards to keep you entertained. Whether you're piloting a scout with a handful of friends or a massive cruiser with dozens of players, the game adapts to provide a fair but challenging experience.

Slipstream is always expanding, and the game developers are committed to regular updates to the gameplay, locations, crew classes, character customization, and more. Slipstream is passionate about building strong communities through collaborative gameplay, and we would love to see you aboard our virtual starship!
Release date
Jan 31, 2024
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Slipstream: Rogue Space: First Few Minutes of GameplayFree to Play Gameplay
Slipstream 101 - How to PlayMoSadie
Slipstream Beta Launch TrailerSubpixel Games
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