Slingshot Effect

Slingshot Effect

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Game overview

Rocket through the universe, navigate danger and surprises to make it home. Multilingual, randomized, and with awesome music. Avoid ads and enjoy 1-handed gaming.

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Embark on a cosmic adventure as a minuscule rocket attempting to find its place in the vast universe. Beware of unexpected twists and hazards while having a blast along the way. How far can you progress before facing sudden death by fiery explosion, icy freeze, or getting devoured? Groove to the upbeat tunes that accompany the gameplay as you strive to surpass your previous accomplishments. Get immersed in easy-to-learn, one-handed gameplay perfect for your idle moments.

With endless variability, you will never experience the same game twice. Plus, let the catchy, original music keep you centered as you maneuver through the unknown cosmos. Enjoy the game tailored to your preferences with customizable options. Play the game in one of seven supported languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

With no pesky ads, invasive in-app purchases or spam, your gaming experience will be annoyance-free. This 100% micro indie game is fueled by pure passion, developed by a team of two, a family and their companion animals, all working together above their garage in Canada. Get ready for liftoff in this captivating adventure into the unknown.
13 Bananas
Release date
Oct 12, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

27.5 Worked Example: Gravitational SlingshotMIT OpenCourseWare
Slingshot Effect Game Trailer - Mobile Phone13 Bananas Games
Slingshot Effect Game Trailer - Tablet13 Bananas Games
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