GamesSkyforce Unite!

Game overview

Fly, fight, and explore the world full of monsters with your team and allies. Develop your skills and strategy to bring peace to the Uncivilized Land.

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Embark on an exciting adventure by taking to the skies in your own plane and soaring into the great unknown!

Work with the Hunters Association to complete missions, explore new areas, and conquer menacing beasts. Assemble a talented team of assistants, soldiers, and trainees and set out on thrilling expeditions!

During expeditions, monsters will appear and you must choose a card to attack. Will you deploy a Recovery Card to heal your team or opt for a powerful Attack Card to wreak havoc on your opponent? Hone your strategic skills and use cunning to defeat your enemies!

Monsters are aligned with Wind, Water, Lightning, or Earth elements, so it is crucial to select the appropriate weapon before heading into each battle.

Build up your character's abilities through various training exercises and acquire new skills that will enhance your performance in this perilous setting!

With other players, you can embark on expeditions to the legendary New World, where you will confront immensely powerful adversaries. Alone, you will be no match for their strength, but side-by-side with others, you may stand a chance. Join forces and push forward together!

Will you be the one to bring about peace in the Uncivilized Land? Give it your all and best of luck!

Note: All game progress is stored locally on your device. Save data cannot be retrieved after deletion or reinstallation of the app.
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Release date
Mar 24, 2016
Single player