GamesSky Fortress:Odyssey

Game overview

Embark on a steampunk adventure, discover civilizations, recruit diverse heroes, battle bosses, upgrade weapons and manage your airship in multiplayer dungeons.

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Embark on an epic steampunk-inspired adventure, where a blend of technology and fantasy immerses you in the world of Setsemir. With over a million words, you'll journey through various civilizations and encounter a multitude of unique bosses.

Assemble the ultimate squad of characters through meticulously designed Anime-style card artwork, featuring a diverse cast, and recruit your preferred S-grade hero from the Beginner's Pool. With exclusive weapons, hidden talent awakenings, and Gadget sets, the customization options for your team are limitless.

Experience innovative competition with parkour and bullet hell gameplay, where your skills and intuitive controls are put to the test. Play through multiplayer dungeons, and take on challenges with friends.

Manage your airship and generate resources with enjoyable cabin mini-games, including food preparation and entertaining puzzles. Customize your manor with unique furniture, creating a delightful and heartwarming life for your adventurers. Get lost in the exquisitely illustrated world of this steampunk fantasy adventure- and uncover the secrets waiting to be discovered.
Release date
Nov 15, 2023
Single player