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Fly and jump across isles, avoiding obstacles, beating endless peril, and changing weather. Fall and land like a pro in Sky Dancer Run. #Thrilling.

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Get ready to experience the ultimate thrill as the revolutionary game of parkour hits the market. Traverse between flying islands while dodging dangerous obstacles and avoiding giant boulders. Feel the freedom of a bird as you run amidst the clouds and gracefully land your jumps to outdo the never-ending abyss. Crush all the treacherous terrains with varying weather conditions, featuring everything from clear skies to unyielding storms ravaging for days.

Revamp your running experience into a breathtaking spectacle filled with adrenaline and excitement as you hone your skills to take that big, amazing leap. Although the fall might seem daunting at first, you will soon find yourself lost within the quietness and calmness of each free fall.

Sky Dancer Run truly delivers a heart-throbbing running experience with its stylish presentation combined with a daredevil attitude. As one of the top impossible runner games, it's guaranteed to challenge even the toughest individuals.

In Sky Dancer Run, your heart will pound as you attempt daring and impossible stunts, just like in an action-packed film. The game's minimalist graphics and simplistic controls create a thrilling experience, which gets you hooked on performing impossible feats over and over again.

Defy the laws of physics and run as fast and far as you can but don't forget about the danger lurking beneath you! Join the company of professional dancers and jumpers to create the ultimate space adventure in Sky Dancer Run.

CNET and Android Authority listed Sky Dancer Run as one of the 10 Best Mobile Games in 2017. This game is entirely free to download and play, with all in-app products being optional. Get ready for an incredible rush that only the coolest runners can handle. Be a daredevil and make that impossible jump today.
Release date
Jan 16, 2017

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