Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light

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Game overview

Experience an MMORPG of timeless wonder, positivity, and meaningful human connections. Explore, team up, and bring light to the enchanting world of Sky.

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Explore the breathtaking world of Sky, a delightful MMORPG created by the developers of Journey, the 2013 Game of the Year. Enter this peaceful and cozy universe and feel the warmth of humanity while connecting with others. Soar high above the clouds, play musical instruments, or simply revel in the sheer beauty that surrounds you. Everyone is welcome, including you!

Discover the captivating realm of Sky and its seven kingdoms overflowing with exquisite visuals. You will embark on an adventure guided by spirits and their tales through their serene world. You must possess kindness, wonder, and light to your heart to aid the star spirits in their journey home. In this open world MMORPG, you will encounter other players, and together, you can uncover the secrets of Sky and discover its wonders. Working in tandem, you can explore dark territories, restore spirits, and recover ancient treasures. Spread positive energy wherever you go and bring warmth to everything you touch.

As Descendants of the Light, we must bring light to the abandoned kingdom and return Stars to their rightful place in the constellations. In Sky, we join as a community and share a single goal.

The features of Sky are as follows:

Social Adventure Game:
- Journey through 7 dreamlike realms and uncover the mystery of the stars
- Uplifting and calming MMORPG of timeless beauty
- Save spirits in each constellation and set them free
- Epic adventures centered around bringing lost stars home
- Unlock new characters and unique stories with each new adventure, season, and event

Play Together & Create Genuine Human Connections:
- Work with your friends to restore the spirits of the Sky realm
- Embark on adventures with friends or meet new ones online from all around the planet
- Team up with others to explore gloomier territories and discover ancient treasures
- Build new friendships and connect with other friendly players online using delightful expressions
- Present candles of light as tokens of appreciation and cultivate new relationships in every realm

Friendly Open World:
- Join an endlessly expanding world brimming with upcoming attractions, seasonal events, and kingdom expansions
- Enjoy a cheerful and optimistic social adventure meant to warm your heart
- Explore the open world by yourself or with friends to witness the splendor of Sky

Unlock & Level Up the Descendant of Light:
- Unlock items such as Winged Light, which aids in exploring the world of Sky
- Level up and express yourself through character customization options such as hair and clothing color schemes, and more

You are blessed with a calm and serene aura, share your warmth and kindness with humanity.
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Release date
Apr 07, 2020
Single player


IMGAMERfrom Skich app
Really good open world...
Saklatonfrom Skich app
Really satisfied 🙂
Albert Kyei
Albert Kyeifrom Skich app
Absolutely amazing
from Skich app
Отлично бесплатно без рекламы просто сказка...
from Skich app
У меня не получается пройти...
from Skich app
Успокаивает + реальные игроки...
from Skich app
Очень спокойная и расслабляющая игра...
8  8
8 8from Skich app
Круто очень хорошая графика...
TRfrom Skich app
И тут я понял, что в меня вошёл мужчина ...
Sasha Shlyapik
Sasha Shlyapikfrom Skich app
На языке замельтешила матершина...

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