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Take control of Okimon spacecraft, protect earth from aliens in <b>Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter - Monster Attack</b>; upgrade, evolve, and survive in hundreds of stages.

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The menacing Tyragon has been released by the wicked company, Galaxy Shooter, and the world is in peril. In this Bulletstorm-inspired game, you are the last hope for planet Earth. Take control of a spacecraft in the form of an animal and protect the planet from alien swarms.

🌟How to Play🌟

Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter - Monster Attack is an exciting offline game that features elements of RPG, Galaxy Shooter, Arcade Shooting, and Galaxy Attack genres. The gameplay is easy to grasp but difficult to master. You need to hold and drag the spaceship to shoot all the aliens and evil monsters that threaten Earth. Your spaceship, spacecraft, or starship takes on different cute monster forms, known as Okimon.


With over 100 stages in Adventure Mode, Sky Champ progressively increases in difficulty to test your skills and become the most skillful Space Shooter ever. As you play, you can upgrade your spacecraft and collect rare items to evolve it. Catch new Okimon to evolve the ultimate spacecraft form with great power. The game features more than 90 pets and monsters with various evolution forms to catch and equip. Additionally, there are more than 50 equipment pieces to choose for your pets and monsters to maximize their abilities. You can even utilize up to 5 Power Ups in-game to help you survive through hard space shooter, galaxy shooter stages.

Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter presents a classic game with modern design and numerous cool airship, airplane, and starship designs to choose from. You can even play PvP (League game mode) and challenge other players while checking your ranking on the World's Billboard in the League.

The game offers both offline and online play modes. Playing online allows you to receive more rewards. Sky Champ also has a Battle Pass system with lots of rewards to be earned.

If you are a Bulletstorm offline game category fan ( Space Shooter, Galaxy Shooter, Arcade Shooting, and Galaxy Attack, etc.), Sky Champ: Galaxy Space Shooter is the perfect game for you. Join our community or find us on FB (@skychampgame) and start playing now!
Spirit Bomb - Arcade Shooting Games
Release date
Jul 11, 2017

Gameplay & Streams

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