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Fast-paced family card game where players race to move their cards into playing piles and block opponents to win. Customizable, with undo and resume options.

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Looking for a fun-filled family card game? Try the popular game known as 'Spite & Malice' or 'Cat & Mouse'. This game is a classic for a reason - it's simple to play and guarantees 100% fun. Your goal is to be the first player to move all the cards from your stockpile to the playing piles, while blocking your opponents to slow them down.

The game offers various features to customize your playing experience, including the number of opponents, cards in the stockpile, and game difficulty level. You'll have unlimited chances to undo your moves and can easily resume your game after pausing. Plus, the game has no extra frills and only a few ads to ensure maximum playing pleasure.

To begin playing, each player is dealt 10-30 cards for their stockpile, with only the top card visible. You'll also receive a hand of five cards and can use up to four personal discard piles, along with four shared build piles that must start with either a 'J' card or the number 1. Each turn, the active player draws until they have five cards in hand and plays them on any of the build piles. To make a play, you'll need to use either the next card in sequential order or a wild 'J' card. You can use cards from your hand, the top card of your stockpile, or the top card of any of your discard piles. If you're able to play all five cards from your hand, you'll draw five more and continue playing. When there are no more plays available, you'll discard one card to any empty discard pile or on top of an existing one, and play passes to the next player. Once any build pile reaches 12, it's removed, and play continues until one player has played their final start card.

If you encounter any issues while playing, please let us know by emailing us a short description of the problem. Thanks for playing!
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