Skate City

Game overview

Skate through LA, Oslo, Barcelona, Tokyo, Venice Beach and Miami, mastering tricks and upgrading gear in Challenge or Endless Skate modes. Share your skills online.

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Immerse yourself in the world of street skating and express your unique style. Strive to improve your technique, practice new tricks and discover hundreds of combinations. Delight in the changing environment from dawn until nightfall, as the weather shifts unexpectedly.

Key Features:

Unleash your inner skater
Feel the thrill of cruising the city streets with accessible controls, regardless of your skill level. Transform the concrete jungle into your personal playground.

Unlimited Exploration
Travel across the world and explore the diverse streets of Los Angeles, Oslo, Barcelona, Tokyo, Venice Beach and Miami. Begin your journey through the sandy streets of LA and progress to unlocking your next vibrant destination.

Get Creative 
Push your limits and showcase your favorite tricks whilst also experimenting with new ones. Whether you’re an experienced boarder or taking your first steps in the skate park, our controls will test your mind, not your physical endurence.

Explore Challenge or Chill
Test your skills on each city's Challenge mode, or take a relaxed skate through Endless Skate mode.

Upgrade and Progress
Customize your equipment, style, and abilities to tailor your in-game avatar to your distinctive skate style and personality. Make upgrades to your gear and skills by visiting our skate shop where board decks, trucks, apparel and aesthetics ranging from haircuts to shifting gender or skin tone are available.

Hit the Right Beats
Enjoy the ultimate laid-back atmosphere as you vibe to our original soundtrack of relaxing lo-fi beats. Plug in your headphones and relax to recharge, find inspiration or get into the “skate zone”.

Snap and Share
Capture your best tricks with our unique in-game recording tools and share your skate videos online. Let your social media reflect your love of the streets and passion for the art of skateboarding.
Release date
Sep 19, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

This New Skate Game Is AMAZING! (Skate City)Sam Tabor Gaming
Skate City (PC) - Gameplay Walkthrough (FULL GAME)DanQ8000
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