Six Ages: Ride like the Wind

Six Ages: Ride like the Wind

A Sharp, LLC
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Interactive strategy game set in Glorantha. Survive as a small clan amidst warring gods, crises, and political choices. Over 400 interactive scenes.

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Enter a world of myths and spirituality as you journey through Six Ages, the ultimate successor to King of Dragon Pass. With an exciting blend of interactive storytelling and turn-based strategy, your fate and that of your clan are inextricably intertwined with the gods and their followers. Prepare for a series of exciting adventures where each decision you make has a direct political or economic consequence, some of which may only become clear much later.

Located in the world of RuneQuest, HeroQuest, and 13th Age, Six Ages immerses you in a world ruled not by physics but by the gods and spirits. As you explore, raid your neighbors, trade resources, improve your herds, and visit your gods in the Otherworld, you'll quickly discover that each choice has a different outcome, with over 400 interactive scenes that offer multiple paths to take, while also writing the story of your clan for you.

Short episodes and automatic saving features make it easy to play a quick game on the go, while the built-in saga uses a deep and exciting narrative to keep you engaged in the heart of the action. Each character has a unique personality, with advisors on hand to help you track your cows and navigate your way through the various crises that affect you, from dinosaur invasions to diplomatic incidents and forbidden love.

148Apps calls Six Ages a “must-play,” given its remarkable depth, lore-building, and nonbinary decision-making strategies. Meanwhile, Touch Arcade highly recommends this game to anyone interested in losing themselves in a world full of intricate details and unique gameplay that is unmatched. Pocket Tactics even considers Six Ages to have a wealth of wonders that few other games out there can match.

Six Ages also contains a wealth of replayability options, with each choice creating a unique story and experience that can differ from one playthrough to the next. Ben Silverman from CNET describes it as a “heady mix,” between Civilization and a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game, dripping with addictive qualities that will keep you coming back for hours.

Lastly, Six Ages is also fully accessible via VoiceOver, making it easy to navigate and enjoy for all.
A Sharp, LLC
Release date
Jul 03, 2018
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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