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Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out

Game overview

Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out is a survival-storybook game set in the world of Glorantha, where your clan's survival depends on managing their relationships with gods and followers amidst disaster and chaos.

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Life After Mythology. When death, destruction and desolation are rampant, will you be able to lead your clan to survival? In Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out, players will find themselves in a stand-alone survival storybook that combines interactive fiction and turn-based strategy to create a unique experience.

As the world is ending, the fate of your small clan is in your hands, and the key to survival lies in managing your clan's relationship with the remaining gods and their followers.

Whether you are dealing with furious ghosts, conflicting clan policy, enemy gods or fighting advisors, there is no clear-cut answer, as every situation generated by the deep simulation is unique to your particular gameplay. Every choice you make has a socio-economic impact, and some of these consequences may not be immediately apparent, but can have long-lasting repercussions for future generations.

Surviving in the world of Glorantha, the setting of RuneQuest and King of Dragon Pass, is no easy feat for your clan. This bronze-age world is facing an existential crisis, with some gods already perishing and humanity itself on the brink of annihilation. The whims of the gods and spirits often override the laws of physics in this world, making it all the more challenging for your clan's survival.

With over 600 interactive scenes that have multiple outcomes, Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out is immensely replayable, ensuring that every playthrough is a unique experience. The short episodes and automatic saving system make it possible to play the game even when you have just a few minutes to spare. The built-in saga writes down the story, so you can keep track of your clan's history, and the advisors with their own unique personalities will help you keep track of your promises (and your cows).

While miracles have always required sacrifice, in this game, you will need to decide whether aiding the destructive gods of Chaos is worth the cost for the survival of your clan.

Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out is fully compatible with VoiceOver, so it's easy for everyone to play. Start your epic journey and discuss your game experience on the official Discord channel,
A Sharp, LLC
Release date
Aug 21, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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