GamesSiren Head Monster Hunting 3D

Game overview

Fight SCP pipe head and Siren Woodhead in this spooky game! Use your shooting skills to survive haunted house escape and city rampage modes.

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Experience an ultimate horror adventure with the Siren Head Monster Hunting 3D Game brought by Mars Gaming Studio. If you are a fan of FPS horror monster shooting games, then this is the best game for you. The game is available for free download, where you can engage in a real fight between the monster siren Woodhead and the humans. Protect the innocents by picking up your favorite gun and kill the traffic light head monster before it attacks the city.

Beware of the scary siren head versus Pipehead Fight in the city escape mode as you enter the haunted house escape game environment. The Halloween horror siren head is reborn in the dark forest, and it's up to you to trigger the sniper gun and take down the scp pipe head in a forest survival game. As a soldier of justice, you must defend the innocent people from these scp pipe head monsters.

In this horror survival-scary adventure game, destroying everyone in Siren Head vs Pipehead Fight is your primary objective. Use your shooting skills to aim and hit the horror ghost slender head monsters accurately with the sniper gun. Delve into the secrets of SCP Siren Head and SCP Pipe Head while navigating through the twisted corridors, solving creepy puzzles, and silencing all nightmarish creatures lurking inside.

Siren Games bring an adrenaline-pumping terror-filled experience, where you'll find yourself in a nightmarish City Escape overrun by Creature monsters and Siren Head vs Pipehead Fight showdowns. The silent night shattered by the eerie wails of these monsters is your cue to equip yourself with powerful weapons such as machine guns and sniper guns.

Airstick and tack attacks will prove to be your best friends as you fight against SCP siren head and SCP pipe head. Experience a spine-tingling monster survival island where every corner is filled with horror ghosts slender heads and shocking surprises.

Your ultimate mission is to city rampage while saving humanity from this siren head prank gone wrong. The game presents terrifying challenges as you face off the likes of Siren Head, Clown Head, and Jarheads in this horror survival-scary adventure game. It's a siren head simulator like no other, where every move is crucial to your survival. The question is, are you up for the challenge?
Release date
Nov 13, 2023
Single player