Sinseonnoreum: Immortal World

Sinseonnoreum: Immortal World

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Experience a new realm and choose your path between "Sun" or "Moon" in the Immortal World's newest update, the "Realm of Spirits.

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Dear trainee, you can be both "Shinmay" and "Shinsen". It's time to demonstrate the results of your training!

Your path is your justice, will you choose "Sen" or "Ma"? Choose your unique Shinsen path!

Bonus offers for the opening of the "Realm of Transcendence"!

1. Free skins and treasure boxes from the realm.
2. 50 free draws.
3. Coupon codes for numerous secret missions (check the cafe).
4. Various rewards will be paid automatically.

Shinsen Fun: the big 2.0 update "Realm of Transcendence" for Immortal World is open!

◆ Encounter with the mysterious spiritual world, the opening of the Realm of Transcendence.
Discover new regions and characters unique to the realm, and engage in power struggles between order and chaos. Leave the human world and venture into the world of Transcendence. A unique training experience awaits.

◆ The moment of your choice, Sen or Ma.
Choose your destiny, whether it's Sen or Ma, beyond the training of meditation and visualization. You are the hero of the new Shinhop training in the world of Sen.

◆ Strategic battles, and thrilling victories.
The battle of the factions in the Realm of Transcendence has become more intense with new landscapes. To win, you need to develop new martial arts through your unique combination of exercises, or understand new tactics to reveal new fighting styles. Feel the strategic Senhop RPG only in Shinsen Fun: Immortal World.

◆ Simple farming, and lots of fun!
Easily collect materials to grow and become stronger with the help of an offline automatic material collection system. Reduce unnecessary time, and enjoy the fun of training.

◆ Defeat the Shinsen in the world with new comrades!
Meet new Shinsen comrades in the Realm of Transcendence. Through the Sen-U History system, exchange gifts and clear limited missions. Sometimes, you fight with each other's swords, and you become even stronger! Join more Sen-U, and reach the highest level.

For more information, you can visit Shinshen Fun: Immortal World official channels such as the official cafe, lounge, Facebook, and YouTube.

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