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SINAG is an immersive mobile fighting game that combines engaging gameplay mechanics with Philippine mythology and culture. Master 8 characters in combo-heavy warfare.

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Immerse yourself into the world of SINAG, a mobile 1v1 battle royale game that blends the exquisiteness of Philippine folklore with captivating gameplay mechanics. The game is easy for beginners to get hands-on but its expert levels are challenging enough for veterans.

SINAG assures players with its user-friendly four-button controls, which makes it convenient for players to quickly learn the basics of the game and unleash potent attacks. However, SINAG also offers in-depth knowledge about the game with advanced combat skills which need time limits to perfect. Under the friendly surface of SINAG lies a pool of complexity which drives the player to become an expert in the game.

With picturesque graphics and deliberately crafted backgrounds, SINAG goes beyond delivering thrilling gameplay and has an astonishing cultural immersion. Players can experience the richness of Filipino culture and its uniqueness, which intertwines with stunning supernatural occurrences, myths, and legends.

SINAG is a partnership with the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The game features eight playable characters, eight different background stages, a controller scheme that involves a four-button with directional input, touch, and controller support. The game is Combo-heavy Gameplay Mechanics with no Swipe and no Cooldown Dependent moves.

If you wish to use a Gamepad, you can go to config-> controls-> press the Assign Controller button-> and press the button on your gamepad to begin playing. Developers of the game can be contacted via Twitter using their handle @SinagFG or through Discord.

SINAG is co-produced by Ranida Games Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) and its published by Ranida Games. Ranida Games is behind PBA Basketball Slam and BAYANI Fighting Game. The game also gives credit to Angrydevs, Vita Fighters discord community, and Ken Aoki of Monaural Studios in its credit screen.
Ranida Games
Release date
Oct 23, 2023