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Sim Companies is a browser-based business simulation game where players manage a virtual company, utilizing real-world economic principles to outperform their competitors.

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Are you ready to put your virtual entrepreneurial skills to the test and see how you compare against other players in the market? With Sim Companies, a versatile browser game that provides a realistic business simulation experience, players get to try their hand at managing finances, spotting opportunities, and building their own company from scratch.

By applying real-world economic principles, the objective of the game is to create and sustain a profitable and competitive business. Starting with limited capital and assets, players must manage the entire resource supply chain from production to retail, build partnerships, and secure financing to achieve success. The key to winning is being able to read and respond to market conditions while making intuitive decisions that impact the growth of your company. For example, players can choose to purchase raw materials cheaper in the market instead of producing them, or sell them at a higher price in retail to increase profits.

Unlike other business simulation games that can be tedious with tons of extra settings, Sim Companies' approach is allowing players to make interesting decisions that affect their standing without overwhelming them. The game is designed to promote teamwork, leadership, and business development. Players can learn by actively engaging in the game, which guarantees long-term skill retention. Players are rewarded with achievement badges for building infrastructure, making profits off the market, employing people, and other activities. This reward system encourages players to make wise decisions at the right time and provides short-term goals when starting a business.

The strength of Sim Companies lies in its advanced economic model that simulates the retail industry's response to pricing and supply provided by the virtual companies. Players have control over the quantity and pricing of goods in their stores. Retail parameters of all players are combined to simulate how fast goods are sold. By temporarily withdrawing goods from the market, players can increase demand and sell products at higher rates.

In Sim Companies, there is no single path to success, and even if you find the right strategy, there's always room for improvement. Every decision made by a player is affected by current market and retail conditions, making them good or bad based on the particular scenario. Additionally, if other players learn about your strategy, it will become less profitable, making the game even more challenging.

Join the highly competitive virtual world and try your entrepreneurial skills in Sim Companies. This game promises a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience.
Release date
Sep 25, 2019

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