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Siege of Treboulain

Game overview

Lead your magical city to victory against a ruthless army through strategy and arborturgy. Manage resources and navigate deadly conspiracies in this epic fantasy game.

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Join the battle to save your enchanted city from a ruthless army! Utilize swords, spells, and strategies to defend your kingdom, lead your people to victory, and create a legacy that will be remembered for generations.

"The Siege of Treboulain" is a captivating interactive fantasy novel that is 280,000 words long, developed by Jed Herne. The game is completely text-based, with no graphics or sound effects, but it is powered by your boundless imagination.

Treboulain is a city that thrives on arborturgy, the magic that governs plants and all things that grow. Following the recent death of your mother, the queen, you now sit on the Throne of Thorns, a nightmarish chair of royalty that extracts blood from those who dare to sit upon it.

As a merciless army of horse-riding warriors lay siege to the towering walls of your beloved city, what will you do? Will you lead the defense from atop the walls, inspiring your soldiers with your great martial strength and eloquent speeches? Will you direct the defense from afar, utilizing your sharp strategic mind? Or will you harness the boundless power of nature itself, throttling your enemies with barbed vines?

Will you choose to fill the moat with pitfalls, train elite magicians, or recruit mercenaries for an unexpected strike? How would you handle the deteriorating state of your resources? And when lethal conspiracies come to light, threatening to disrupt your reign and that of your kingdom, what will you do?

• Play the game as a male, female, or non-binary character, and explore different sexual orientations.

• Pick between three distinctive backgrounds - become a magician, warrior, or scholar - and offer your talents to your city's salvation.

• Take charge of soldiers and devise tactics, fighting in even the greatest, world-altering battles, including one-on-one duels.

• Wield the enchanting power of plants through arborturgy.

• Manage the city's politics, juggling the clashing priorities of clergymen, merchants, and commoners against the military's desires.

• Learn about the past's secrets through flashbacks to discover more about your city and your enemy.

• Encounter love or friendship with a valiant warrior, an intelligent priestess, a cunning merchant, or a skilled artist.

Be a part of one of Treboulain's most courageous moments, and make the legends and tales of old come to life!
Choice of Games LLC
Release date
Apr 14, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

Siege of TreboulainChoice of Games
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