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Siege Castles

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Game overview

Build, defend and battle with custom castles featuring powerful siege weapons in the relaxing medieval-themed online game Siege Castles.

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Step into a peaceful medieval world and partake in the ultimate Castle VS Castle game.

Within the game, you have the freedom to construct a variety of unique castle configurations; nothing is off-limits, so let your creativity run wild and uncover the most dominant meta.

Content releases and optimizations are regularly introduced throughout the year, so there's always something new to discover. Additionally, the game has a fantastic community; we welcome newcomers and appreciate comments and reviews.

Create your coastal paradise to house your castle and build it up with an assortment of powerful siege weapons. Ride the high tides and engage in battles and clashes with rival castles on other islands. Utilize a combination of resources including wood, stone, iron, and crystal to craft the most robust castle and your personal tower defense system. Moreover, you are capable of augmenting your castle's defenses by recruiting the finest magicians, who wield incredibly powerful protective magic.

Select from a range of siege weapons before commencing your attack and destroy your enemy's towers. The speedy ballista is ideal for blocking stone projectiles, while the trebuchet is great for catapulting a massive stone projectile more than three hundred meters. For those who prefer the classic method, the catapult is available. Additionally, unlocking the powerful cannon permits you to unleash devastating destruction upon enemy towers.

Epic rewards await those valiant enough to claim them, and it's possible to enhance your castle with a variety of upgrades. Expand your kingdom's reach and dominion, and become revered by fellow lords!

We are always interested in hearing ideas for new troops, spells, siege weapons, or anything else that could improve the game. If you have any feedback or suggestions whatsoever, please share them with us on our website
PID Games
Release date
Dec 15, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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