Shy Boy: Escape Game

Shy Boy: Escape Game
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Game overview

Escape school in this fun 'Yuru' escape game, featuring 25 relatable levels, puzzles, and humorous challenges.

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Get ready to face embarrassing pranks that will make you want to skip school!
Will you avoid them, or stand up to them?

Help the shy protagonist through puzzles and rescue him! Be careful not to play too much, as skipping school or work is not recommended!

■ How to play
Tap the screen to trigger various events.
Occasionally, you will receive items that you can use by dragging and dropping them.

It's a "casual escape" game that inherits the relaxed vibe of the brother app "Ike Boy," with the feeling that there seems to be but just one student that is missing from your class.

■ Recommended Points
It's completely free and easy, making it suitable for children, and even parents can join in for a family-friendly experience!
Both boys and girls can play with friends from school, making it an excellent conversation starter!
There are plenty of everyday elements that you can relate to, making it the perfect conversation topic! And since it is moderately challenging, it can be beneficial for brain training!
Those who are not good at escape games will also be able to enjoy it! It's a simple escape puzzle game that brings back a touch of nostalgia.
For those of you who are introverted, have social phobias, blush easily, or who get embarrassed easily, this game is for you!

■ Stage Introduction
"Don't Be Shy" - Greeting to the transfer student
"First Friend" - Can't figure out how to start a conversation
"First Crush" - More nervous to talk to girls
"I Have Something to Give You" - Greeting to a neighbor
"Disruptor of Harmony" - Different recorder than the rest
"Rainy Stairway" - Obvious love umbrella
"I Don't Want to Show You My Incomplete Drawing" - Hide your half-finished picture
"Blank Composition" - Repeating words reading in front of many people
"Blessing Ceremony" - Important role in a wedding
"Watching Eye" - The gaze felt during a class visit
"Morning Exercise" - Can't escape that pose
"Realizing Your Feelings" - Want to order at a family restaurant
"I Want to Move" - I am a hermit crab
"Rush Interview" - Being on TV
"Too Fun Summer" - Just a sunburn would have been better
"I want to apologize, but" - Broke a window playing grass baseball
"The Courage of Kindness" - Unable to say the polite thing
"Let's Hold Hands" - During a field trip
"Day of Departure" - Unable to leave the first village in an RPG
"Relay Anchor" - If you win, you're a hero, if you lose...
"Shall We Dance" - Folk dance is too difficult
"Teach Me the Dress Code" - How to celebrate Halloween
"The Honor Is Too Much" - Awards are insignificant
"The Phone Rings" - Time limit is scary
"People's Eyes are Worrisome" - Don't look this way in the music room
"Who Came to Visit?" - Christmas Eve
"Chorus Solo" - Singing in public
"A Secret from Everyone" - Valentine's Day
"Overflowing Feelings" - Chocolate inside a wooden clog
"Class Picture" - Separate sadness
"As Time Passes By" - Memories in an album
Release date
Dec 18, 2019

Gameplay & Streams

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shy boy (bocah pemalu) all stage (1- 31) walkthroughefra chanel
Shigeki Escape all stage (1-30) walkthrough - シゲキ 回避 - 脱出 ゲームefra chanel
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