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Experience nostalgia with a Japanese twist in Showa Candy Shop Sequel. Build the reputation of an old-fashioned candy shop and collect retro toys and snacks.

Introducing the sequel to the highly acclaimed Showa Candy Shop – now back by popular demand! Get ready for a heartwarming tale of nostalgic reminiscence with a Japanese twist that's sure to move you. Embark on a nostalgic journey through rural Japan where you manage a vintage candy shop and aim to upstage your shop's reputation. Collect retro Japanese toys, including Yoogurt, a Glowing Skeleton, and the Pickled Plum, that guaranteed elated faces of every child in Japan. As you collect each item, the game's plot unfolds to hook you until the very end. Plus, the game now features a capsule toy machine that's entirely free - the kind of machine you'll find pointless but addictively fun! The story takes place on a quiet street in the Showa-era of Japan, in contrast with the bustle of pre-Olympic Tokyo in 1960. In that quiet corner, you'll run your candy shop and represent a sweet old woman serving her customers. As another day comes to a close, she contemplates the events of the day. This old-fashioned lady's story unfolds and takes you to a bygone era where days are filled with activities such as playing with marbles, balls, balloons, gooey candies, seasoned seaweed, and kaleidoscopes. Playing the game is easy: utilize the money obtained from satisfied customers to enhance your shop. Start by stocking each of your shop's shelves and wait for children from the neighborhood to visit. Swipe or tap to collect every child's money and then use it to upgrade your store to attract new merchandise and customers. Repeat this process to collect more money for frequent upgrades and fill up your catalog by attracting a large variety of customers. Some customers will only appear on certain days, so keep coming back and checking the catalog. And remember, the days in the game are not in sync with the real world! As you play, you'll sometimes find mementos scattered through the shop - collecting these will help push the game's story forward. Don't forget to check back frequently because the collection changes randomly. Also, you can spin the capsule toy machine to obtain new toys. Token needed to operate the machine; these tokens are only accessible by collecting mementos or completing other tasks. No need for real money! The candy shop is now open, allowing you to return every day and play the game's entirety free of charge.
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