Showa Candy Shop

Showa Candy Shop

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Game overview

Run a nostalgic candy shop in Japan, collecting vintage sweets, toys, and memories. Build your store and fill up your catalog in this heartwarming tale.

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Get ready to relive the fond memories of visiting a candy store with your grandma! Experience the joy of running a candy store by simply tapping on your screen and following along with the story through letters.

Discover vintage Japanese sweets and toys and add them to your collection catalog! From "Model planes" to "soda mocha" and "whistle candy," each item will transport you back in time with nostalgic memories.

As you progress through the game, the story unfolds gradually, you never know what's going to happen next! The best part? The game is completely free to play and you can enjoy it in little portions every day.

This heartwarming tale takes place in a little Japanese town during the Showa period and every element of the area nestles deeply in your heart as if you are actually there. The shopkeeper, a kind old lady, looks after a tiny candy store all by herself on this quaint street corner.

The game objective is quite simple; collect as much money as you can from visiting kids to build up your shop! Add to your collection catalog by unlocking more nostalgic items as you go.

Need a strategy to win? First, use your Stock to fill up your shop with goods. You may also discover that kids will stop coming to your shop over time so make sure of check periodically to stock up on sweets and toys. Your main goal is to unlock all items in the catalog by levelling up your store—so swipe over kids to collect their money and level up your Sweets and Toys.

Keep in mind that purchasing multiple items will guarantee long-term running of your shop but it also depends on the number of kids visiting the store. Buying fewer items, on the other hand, will enable kids to visit the store more quickly and your sweets and toys will sell faster as well.

Fill up the catalog and enjoy the story as it progresses, letter by letter. Whether you're taking a quick break or winding down for the night, take advantage of the game's flexible playtime. Let it inspire a source of joy and warmth in your busy day.
GAGEX Co.,Ltd.
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