Shoumetsu Toshi: Afterlost

Shoumetsu Toshi: Afterlost

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Game overview

AFTERLOST - 消滅都市, a drama RPG with a remixed soundtrack and package delivery system, ends service on June 30, 2021.

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Important Notice:
The service for "AFTERLOST - Vanishing City" will end on Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 at 3:00 pm. For more information on how to receive a refund of unused app-specific virtual currency "Coins" (paid version), please check the notices posted in the game.


Official Service Start: Pre-registration reached 300,000 people! Now is the time to receive a guaranteed 6-star gacha ticket, 10 consecutive gacha tickets, and 2,000 coins (equivalent to 10 consecutive gachas) as gifts! Furthermore, with the Clear Ticket that does not require rerolls, you can GET your desired gacha ticket after clearing Chapter 1, 【2. Electric City】!


Drama RPG remake of "Vanishing City," "AFTERLOST - Vanishing City" has been finally released!
Experience an evolved game, deep battles, and a new story with simple controls.

Whether you are new to "Vanishing City" or have played it before,
Do enjoy the new world of "Vanishing City."

※ The "5-star Guaranteed Gacha Ticket," which was decided as a present for achieving 100,000 pre-registrations, has been changed to a "6-star Guaranteed Gacha Ticket." For more details, please check the in-game notice after the release.

◆ Story
A delivery man, Takuya, and a young girl with a mysterious power, Yuki,
Both head to the vanished city three years ago, guided by a message from Yuki's father.

◆ Introduction to the Game
In "AFTERLOST," the story unfolds with Yuki's struggles, pains, and determination, which were not told in the "Vanishing City" series.

You can enjoy the story of "Vanishing City" from a new perspective by portraying "Yuki's" emotions.

The story production of "Vanishing City" has evolved even further, enhancing the immersive feeling. Additionally, memorable scenes from the anime "Vanishing City" are also used in this game. You can witness a more expressive and vibrant world.

The legendary songs from "Vanishing City" are remixed and newly recorded.

With RPG system that provides easy yet deep gameplay and dynamic and immersive expression through animation, you can enjoy battles in a light-hearted environment.

-Package Delivery-
Adopted a "Package Delivery" system where your progress of the in-game events accumulates. You can play the game anytime without being pressed for time and have the same experience no matter when you start playing.

Tomohisa Sako / Kana Hanazawa / Yuichi Nakamura / Ayaka Asai / Taiki Nakamura / Mitsuhiro Ichiki / Tarusuke Shingaki / Yoshitsugu Matsuoka / Nobunaga Shimazaki
※ For Nobunaga Shimazaki, the correct combination of Chinese characters for "Shimazaki" is Mountain + Stand + Possible.
Updates will be announced successively from now on.

◆Official Twitter

◆Official Website

【Supported Devices】
Android 7.0 or higher and RAM 4GB or higher (some models may not be supported).

※ Please note that if you use a non-compatible device, we cannot provide support or compensation.
※ The app can be installed on devices with Android 4.4 or higher and RAM 2GB or higher. However, some screens, such as quest screens, may not be displayed correctly.

Please be sure to check and agree to the contents of the "Terms of Use" displayed during the initial launch, and enjoy the app.
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