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Defeat evil forces in Genshin Impact – explore immersive scenarios with a cast of beauties, grow your team and meet new friends.

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Deep within another universe lies a planet unlike our own, created by a deity who felt pity for those living in a world on the verge of collapse. This new world, known as the "Illusory Continent," was blessed with the power of the gods, and overflowing with vitality, its inhabitants lived in peace. However, gazing upon this world from the shadows lay a mysterious entity known as the "Primordial God."

In this world, the gods who created it are called "Primordial Gods." Unfortunately, these beings began to distrust one another and ultimately engaged in a war that caused countless gods to perish. Those who remained banded together to create a game called "Chess of the Gods," in which humans became the pieces on the board and were forced to suffer and die in the war. Due to the evil thoughts behind this game, the creator became known as the "Other God."

Humans who were unable to fight the gods face-to-face found a way to infiltrate the Illusory Continent and caused untold horrors to occur. This is where you meet a kind and gentle Yamato Nadeshiko, an innocent gluttonous child, a mysterious female knight, a hard-working and clumsy white-haired girl, a strict and aloof maid, and a small but capable god. With the continent in peril, you and your team are their only hope.

The gentle Amaterasu, pained by the evil deeds of the Other God, descended to the world and, along with a group of girls who were pulled into the "Chess of the Gods," fought against their fate.

Immerse yourself in a rich and immersive original storyline of over one million words, where you are constantly enveloped in a web of hidden conspiracies and the essence of Japanese-style fantasy. Experience the thrill alongside different types of beautiful girls, enjoying encounters with various girls, and gaining deeper insight into their character.

Choose the optimal team to defeat enemies with various strategies and enjoy a system that allows you to easily leave the game. Feel the ultimate sense of accomplishment when defeating a powerful boss, earning an increasing number of items that give you a satisfying harvest.

Enjoy a cast of various characters, from playful and cute characters to cool and shocking ones, each with its own hidden animation.

Build strong bonds with various beautiful girls on your adventure and discover their different sides. Interact and bond with your favorite girl and look forward to meeting them in various events.

The game features various mini-games, such as puzzles, mazes, dungeon escapes, and crafting, and rewards for playing are plentiful. Have fun making things with the cute cat character.

This game is recommended if you are interested in pixel art, logical puzzles, maze escape challenges, original stories with a rich history, anime, thrilling and exciting battle scenes, cute cats, nurturing simulation games, raising beautiful girls, stress-free gameplay, wanting to improve steadily every day, or casually playing during your free time.

Recommended environment: Android 4.4 or later, iOS 8.0 or later.
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