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Shoot rockets at an animated, singing moon while balancing risk and reward to reach high scores and unlock costumes.

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In this game titled "The Moon Will Not Stop Singing", you are challenged to stop the moon from singing. This can be achieved by shooting rockets at it, but beware, the moon only gets more annoyed and it is up to you to keep annoying him. The game takes you on an animated journey through the quirky and weird reaches of space as you shoot rockets at the cartoon moon while it sings along to the music.

Balancing risk and reward is crucial in this game. The longer your shots go, the more points you earn, but be careful not to miss. Your main objective is to reach goal milestones for extra score bonuses and climb the leaderboard. To make the game even more amusing, unlock a range of absurd costumes for the moon.

The game has been praised for being approachable and full of personality, with a considerable amount of nuance according to Touch Arcade. Modojo highlights that the game is accessible to anyone and is just plain fun to play. 148Apps was pleasantly surprised by their experience, acknowledging that they had more fun than they expected to, which is no easy feat for a casual free-to-play arcade game.

This is the original "Shoot The Moon" game developed by Pipsqueak Games, which provides a challenging yet straightforward gameplay that promises to keep you entertained and high score chasing. Best of all, you can play it for free! Get ready to challenge the moon and make it stop singing.
Shaun Coleman
Release date
Oct 09, 2015
Single player

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