Shin Hayarigami: Ghost

Shin Hayarigami: Ghost

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Game overview

Solve the curse and find the common thread among heart attack victims in Shin Hayarigami Episode 2, a horror adventure game with multiple routes.

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The second episode of the game series, "The Demon", unfolds with a story about forbidden acts and curses. The "Shin Hayarigami" game series boasts a reputation for being an exemplary horror adventure game with a multitude of attack routes. It entices players with a storyline that could exist in reality. The game provides suspenseful and investigative approaches to the crime scenes, giving players the feeling of watching a horror movie.

"The Blindman," "The Pandemic," "The Doll," "The Parasite," "The Secret Club" are the other series episodes. In "The Demon," there is a horror unfolding where victims succumb to sudden heart failure, and the signs of their deaths are identical. As a player, you'll find yourself trapped in a realm of terror where there seems to be no coherence with the victims, and a spiritual entity is mentioned. Will you believe in this spiritual being?

The death scenes are congested with difficulty to comprehend and justify, and this curse leads to somewhere unimaginable. This situation is an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities of deduction and investigation while exploring the true essence of horror and adventure games in the "Shin Hayarigami" game.

This is the game's second horror adventure episode of the "Shin Hayarigami" series. Through the various routes, you can collect different types of epilogues. The game centers on the storyline, sound, and exhibit, akin to a horror movie. With this second series, other stories will undoubtedly follow. Apart from adventure games, IPLAYSE also offers numerous visual novel-based romance games such as "Transient Beauty in the Flower Fields," "Summer Light Nostalgia," "Love Suites" and "Princess Evangelle."

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Developer contact: 010-3060-3626
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