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Shield Hero: RISE

Game overview

The Rising of the Shield Hero: RISE is a mobile game that faithfully presents the anime's original story and characters, featuring customized hero development, original voice cast, and brave time travel companions.

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Shield Hero: RISE, an engaging mobile game inspired by the famous anime series, is licensed by Kadokawa Corporation and aimed at delivering an immersive experience for players. With authentic aesthetics and diverse gameplay, this game lets you adjust hero talents and the lineup of your squad to become unstoppable against the waves of calamity.

As you dive into the game world, you get the chance to relive your favorite moments from The Rising of the Shield Hero anime series. You'll battle against calamity waves with legendary heroes, bearing the burden of redemption and creating your own epic tale, as the whole story is presented to you in a fascinating and interactive way.

Your Shield Hero can be customized in any way you like, with different shield stats and abilities that can come in handy for different scenarios. Depending on your preference, you can take on the role of a supportive character who helps teammates survive or a shield master who optimizes team performance. The character development features are a great option to take advantage of for personalized gameplay.

What makes Shield Hero: RISE even better is the original voice cast from Season 1 of the anime series, including Ishikawa Kaito, Seto Asami, Hidaka Riba, and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, to carry forward the strong emotions that fans adore. You can feel transported as their voices turn the pixels into lifelike characters.

The game also involves time travel, where you travel back to have a thrilling journey, possibly a romantic one, with companions. You can forge bonds, ignite romance, and assemble a brave squad to defeat the waves and bring peace to your homeland.

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Release date
Nov 02, 2023
Single player

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