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Join the Shield Hero and his allies in a Japanese-style epic adventure featuring faithful anime scenes, Roguelike dungeons, village building, and more.

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Introducing the game adaptation of the popular anime series, "The Rising of the Shield Hero", which has taken the world by storm! "The Rising of the Shield Hero: RISE" is a Japanese-style, full-fledged hero adventure mobile game licensed by Kadokawa Corporation and original author Aneko Yusagi. The game accurately portrays the plot and characters of the original work, while incorporating unique gameplay elements such as Roguelike dungeons for collecting equipment, building a healing hot spring in a hero village, new character biographies for a fresh narrative, the challenging alchemy ruins, the perilous phantom arena, and the team-based dispute island battles, all of which promise a diverse and exhilarating hero adventure.

The game's world is set in the Melromarc Kingdom of another world, which is about to face a catastrophic wave of destruction. Naofumi Iwatani, an ordinary college student summoned as the Shield Hero, must embark on his own hero journey after experiencing betrayal, false accusations, and suspicion. Will he choose the path of a saint or that of destruction? Will he fight for the people or for the world? All of these questions will be answered by you.

"The Rising of the Shield Hero: RISE" features stunning animations that faithfully reproduce classic scenes from the anime, as well as introducing all-new high-quality animations produced by a top-notch animation team, allowing each popular character to perform their ultimate move with superpowers. There are multiple character classes with a huge array of skill and strategy options, offering endless possibilities for your team to tackle different levels of difficulty. In addition, the game includes the Roguelike dungeon system, which generates a random map for each playthrough, and players can collect massive amounts of rare materials and super-powerful equipment. The shield strengthening system that faithfully reproduces the original work enables players to cultivate the strongest hero, collecting all the shield types from the original work, as well as newly created ones that can bring new changes and diversify the gameplay experience.

Players also have the option to build their own hero village and create a warm and cozy home that strengthens emotional bonds. The game offers a heartwarming hot spring feature, where players can chat with their favorite companions while soaking in the warm water and healing their souls, adding downtime relaxation in between high-action gameplay. The game's entire mainline plot and all character hot spring events are performed with high-quality voice acting by popular Japanese voice actors, following the original work.

"The Rising of the Shield Hero: RISE" is brought to you by first-line voice actors such as Kaito Ishikawa, Asami Seto, Rina Hidaka, Sho Nogami, Nobuyuki Hiyama, Yoshio Yamaguchi, Saori Hayami, Kiku Honda, Megumi Hanazawa, and Takeshi Kusao, with the iconic soundtrack composed by famous Japanese music producer, Taichi Yamazaki, and character design by the mighty illustrator Fuzichoco. You can now embark on an authentic Japanese-style hero adventure with "The Rising of the Shield Hero: RISE"!

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Note: This game software contains sexual, violent, and smoking and drinking scenes, which are classified as PEGI 15. You need to be over 15 years old to use this game. This game is free to play, but some content or services require additional payment. Please spend moderately according to your personal interests and abilities. Please be aware of your gaming time to avoid addiction. Do not imitate any virtual scenes in the game and take appropriate breaks during extended gaming sessions.
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