She's My Vampire

She's My Vampire

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Game overview

Escape the mansion of three vampire sisters and discover their true natures in this bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan.

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Indulge in a thrilling adventure of romance with dazzling female characters in the outstanding bishoujo game by Genius Studio Japan!

â– Overviewâ– 

Finding yourself lost in the woods during a hiking trip, you accidentally come across a mansion, housing three exquisite sisters. As they offer to let you stay for the night, things take an unexpected twist. The three sisters, vampires, kidnap and chain you in their dungeon, and explain their blood-thirsty needs towards gaining greater power. Though you have no choice but to be trapped in their mansion until the day of their ritual, you discover there is more to them than just their thirst for blood. Together with the sisters, you embark on a love affair full of complexities and twists.

â– Charactersâ– 

Rosemary - The Experienced Eldest Sister

At first, Rosemary comes across as distant and disapproving, but deep down, all she desires is the well-being of her sisters. Despite initial prejudices against you, she gradually opens up to you and reveals her compassionate side.

Blair - The Spirited Second Sister

Though Blair often displays an abrasive and sharp tongue, it is truly a front to hide her vulnerable nature. As you chip away at her facade, Blair gradually shows her true nature.

Lilith - The Innocent Youngest Sister

Unlike her sisters, Lilith is a kind-hearted, innocent soul. She is the most sympathetic towards your plight, and has a strong distaste for her vampiric nature.
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Release date
Jan 08, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

She's My Vampire | Blair RouteGobit Entertainment
She's My Vampire | Premium Choices | Season-1 | Chapter-1GeniusToy
WE GET CAPTURED BY VAMPIRE GIRLS!! - Visual Novel She's My Vampire PlaythroughMaskedAnimToad
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