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Shelter War

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Game overview

Protect your bunker from mutants, cyborgs and zombies in Shelter War: Zombie Games, an immersive survival strategy game with RPG elements.

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Shelter War: Zombie Games is the ultimate survival strategy RPG game where you are appointed as an Overseer of a bunker dwelling in an apocalyptic Wasteland. The game has unique mechanics, impressive graphics, and good looks. You have to fend off raiders, cyborgs, zombies, mutants, evil knights, and killer robots to build the safest shelter possible for your residents. The game provides an immersive experience of never-ending wars for survival and resources. Manage resources, craft equipment, and claim rewards as you control and observe the borderland areas of your shelter.

The game is a war simulator where strategy and planning are crucial in battles to ensure your victory over countless enemies. From a zero-start, you can turn your humble hideout into an impenetrable castle bunker or even an underground city using clever urban planning. You can explore your vault from a first or third-person perspective, train your shelter dwellers, and craft thousands of unique items while upgrading each of your soldiers. You can join or create a clan while facing the strongest enemies in a roleplay story mode or using strategy in Clan Wars co-op missions.

Shelter War: Survival Games features outstanding bioprinter equipment to build your population from nothing to many. The game includes hilarious narrative and roleplay elements which make survival more entertaining than it has ever been. You can assemble your strongest warriors under the Doom Dome and enter the Collider for your first truly unforgettable time-travel experience.

In Shelter War: Survival Games, you will become the greatest hero in the last days of the world or die trying. Face zombies and explore America in a way you have never seen before. The game has an elaborate story with many twists and turns to keep you entertained. So, get ready to fight like you have never fought before and enjoy the apocalyptic Wasteland!
Royal Ark
Release date
Dec 01, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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