Shapes - Rotate and Connect

Shapes - Rotate and Connect

Infinity Games, Lda
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Game overview

Relax and fight stress with Shapes’ challenging puzzles that merge logical and creative skills, while enjoying a soothing environment and soundtrack.

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This shapes game offers a serene and simplistic experience, perfect for those seeking relaxation and stress relief. You'll embark on a soothing journey through a variety of challenging levels that will immerse you in an anti-stress environment.

Are you ready to conquer chaos and vanquish stress? If so, you'll love this unique game that challenges your brain's logical abilities while sparking your creativity. As you piece together fragmented shards into a cohesive image, you'll utilize both hemispheres of your brain.

Shapes provides a calming and spatial atmosphere, complete with a tranquil soundtrack and stimulating puzzles. With its fusion of traditional shapes and futuristic neon lighting, this game promises to excite your imagination while testing your visual perception and reasoning.

By the end of each level, a sense of clarity will set in as you admire your beautiful creations. Share your accomplishments with friends or save them on your device for later viewing. In Shapes, your ultimate goal is to defeat chaos and unite fragmented shards into harmonious shapes.

This game serves as a metaphor for challenging days and stressful situations. The soothing harmony between the music and visuals creates a relaxing and pleasurable experience as order is restored from chaos. Just like in the daily hustle and bustle of life, each level is a battle against chaos that you'll win round after round.

Shapes is a fan favorite for those who love beautifully crafted and challenging brain teaser games. Accept the challenge and bring order to this chaotic world!

How to play Shapes?

This game is intuitive and easy to learn. Your goal is simple: create shapes. The game starts off easy, and as the levels advance, so too does your difficulty level. Get immersed in the interstellar ambience and rotate the shards to piece together shapes. A neon glow will signify your win and the completion of each level.

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Note: For more fun on your wrist, this shapes game is also available on Wear OS.
Infinity Games, Lda
Release date
Jan 26, 2018
Single player

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