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Educational game for kids with farm animal theme. Develops logic, motor skills, and visual senses with puzzles. Includes free memo pairs game.

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Are you looking for an interactive learning game that your child will love? Look no further than our Shapes & Colors Farm Puzzles app. Our game is tailored to help children develop their logic and mental abilities, as well as their motor skills and visual senses. With the farm environment, your child will enjoy hours of learning and develop these important skills.

Our game includes three different learning categories that will help your child's development. The first will focus on shapes and forms of different objects. Starting with healthy farm-related items, like fruits and vegetables, the categories progress to letters, numbers and basic geometric forms. The second category works on visual perception, while the third helps develop a feel for colors.

We have made the game exciting by setting it on a farm theme where children can explore and discover hidden features. Every game starts by turning on a farm objects sorting machine, which puts objects on an animated conveyor belt where the child has to take the objects, and use them for actions. This creates a sense of responsibility, task processing, helping, and problem solving.

Our Shapes & Colors Farm Puzzles will improve your child's logical thinking, concentration, problem solving skills, motor skills, and visual perception. They'll also develop a sense of responsibility, attention, and motivation by collecting stars while playing.

By collecting enough stars, your child can unlock an additional free competitive "find the pairs" animal game. This memo pairs game is played against a virtual animal friend who gives emotional feedback while playing. The memo pairs game will help develop even more brain functions and motor skills.

Our game is 100% child-safe and has no ads or analytics. We have optimized our app for easy use, which means your child will have fun while learning in a farm setting with beautiful animations and sounds. We have even included an additional free memo pairs game that will keep your child entertained for hours.

The levels are carefully chosen to help your child's sense for healthy things, like fruits and vegetables, while also developing their first sense for other important objects and shapes, such as letters, numbers, and basic forms.

Download our app now and give your child the gift of interactive learning. With our app, they'll improve their skills while having endless amounts of fun. Don't forget to rate us in the App Store.

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Release date
May 19, 2015

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