Shadow Legends: Sword Hunter

Shadow Legends: Sword Hunter

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Game overview

Join Angels Guardian, fight against Drastral & protect humanity in Shadow Legends Sword Hunter. Use skills, upgrade gears & become a legend.

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Shadow Legends Sword Hunter offers an enthralling action-packed adventure with a role-playing combat system that involves extreme hack and slash mechanisms in a fantasy world where you join the Angels Guardian to wage war against darkness and safeguard humanity against the claws of the Devil.

Within a familiar mythological setting, Shadow Legends Sword Hunter presents a world where the 1000-year-long war between Angels and Demons concluded with the gods of Heaven defeating Drastral, the Devil, who was then sealed within an artifact and hidden in a forest temple. As mankind flourished over 5000 years, the Devil's minions appeared and attacked the temple to free their boss, leading the Angels to dispatch the Angels Guardian to protect the humans by defeating Drastral's monsters.

Playing as the Angels Guardian, you begin your battle from the temple, facing numerous monsters and traps. Dodge attacks and use a variety of sword combos to counterattack fiercely, upgrading the Guardian's weapons, costumes, and powers with the gold and gems earned after each victory. As the enemies become more powerful, evolve your skills to match their ferocity and bloodlust.

Shadow Legends Sword Hunter provides several ways to engage with its captivating plot, including collecting numerous Guardians in your inventory and upgraded equipment and weapons to dominate battles. Each level enhances the monster's strength, intensifying the challenge. Choose skill gifts wisely after each victory and participate in daily challenges to improve your Guardian's skills.

The game's diverse battlefields come with varying terrains that demand attentiveness and control. The visuals and sounds are dramatic, unique, vivid, and aid in immersing yourself further into the Shadow Legends Sword Hunter experience.

Become a Shadow Legend, equip your sword, and take on the battle to protect mankind in Shadow Legends Sword Hunter!
Release date
Apr 04, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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