Shadow Land

Shadow Land

kei izaki
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As the puppet hero summoned by fairy Lily, banish enemies with exhilarating battles and recover the lost colors to the world in this tapping-type RPG.

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In this game, the world loses its vibrant colours, thanks to a monstrous invader. As a result, we seek the assistance of the legendary puppeteer. However, instead of a saviour, we summon a white rice cake that contains half of the puppeteer's soul, as he has no body and has lost his memories. Together with the fairy Lily, who was responsible for the summoning, the puppeteer aims to save the planet by restoring the colours to the world.

As the hero advances through the levels, they regain their memories, which help them in their mission. The puppeteer can scatter their enemies with simple taps, unleash puppet attacks, and control the strength of the "Automata." Not only that, but they can also upgrade their puppets and customize them to their preferences, making it a fast-paced, hack-and-slash game with lots of customization options.

The game features monochromatic visuals, small puppet characters, and a light-hearted narrative, adding a comical touch to the game. Players can expect an entertaining and enjoyable journey with the game's various music tracks, sound effects, and voice collaborations.

Overall, this game is ideal for players who love casual and free games that offer good progression speed, but they also attract players who want to challenge their reflexes and coordination skills. The game provides free-to-play options; however, players may use paid items to expedite their progress. Additionally, players can share their achievements on social media platforms like LINE, Facebook, and Twitter, so they can keep their peers up to date and share their progress.
kei izaki
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