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Leo avenges his village, fights Lilith, and saves his beloved one in Shadow Assassin, an intense platformer with shadow style and RPG elements.

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Lilith, the paramount ruler of Hell, has shattered the barriers to our world subsequent to a summoning ceremony. The village of Leo has been ravaged and incinerated by the ruthless Lilith. In Shadow Assassin, players will follow the tale of Leo, the descendant of Beowulf, as he seeks revenge and endeavors to rescue his cherished one. This platformer game, embellished with shadow aesthetics and RPG components, offers a series of challenging levels where players must exhibit their skills before heading off to the ultimate battle against Lilith.

Players have the opportunity to amplify their hero's capabilities, augmenting the potency of their damage with in-game currency. To achieve this, players must think strategically, scavenge resources, and sidestep any obstructions that appear in their path. The perilous shadows conceal those that seek to damage you, so keep a close watch to avoid the traps! Shadow Assassin is the game that tests the mettle of even the bravest gamers. Do you have the courage and skill to overcome the challenges that lie ahead?
Release date
Nov 24, 2022
Single player



Not bad

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