GamesShadow and Bone: Enter the Fold

Game overview

Interactive RPG based on the hit Netflix series "Shadow and Bone." Choose your own adventure with iconic heroes, new villains, and multiple story paths.

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Exclusive for Netflix members, embark on an epic journey where you can shape the destiny of the Grishaverse. Make your way through the war-torn Ravka and determine which powers will reign supreme in this interactive adventure that is based on the popular fantasy series.

In this exciting RPG experience, the fate of the iconic heroes of "Shadow and Bone" lies in your hands. Experience brand new stories that take place between Seasons 1 and 2 of the Netflix original show, featuring characters such as Alina, Jesper, Sturmhond, and General Kirigan. Encounter new villains, make difficult decisions, and experience unexpected plot twists in this captivating narrative RPG that lets you call the shots.

Join Alina, Sturmhond, Jesper, and General Kirigan on four thrilling new adventures and explore both new and familiar locations in the Grishaverse, such as the perilous Shadow Fold, Ketterdam with the Crows, and sail across the seas with Sturmhond's ship. Complete quests to rescue captured Grisha, save old friends, defeat corrupt officials, or just indulge in a bit of thievery with Jesper.

Every conversation and decision you make has the power to shape the story's outcome. So, level up your heroes' Charm, Strength, Intelligence, and Perception to unlock more options and ways to interact with the world. To further advance the narrative, master mini-games to survive ambushes, sneak into strongholds, and cast powerful Grisha spells.

Get ready to dive headfirst into the Grishaverse with this extraordinary RPG, exclusively available on Netflix, created by Chimera Entertainment.
Netflix, Inc.
Release date
Nov 04, 2023
Single player