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Game overview

Unite Japan in SamuraiBrickBreaker! Defeat famous samurai from across the nation while chatting with Zy. Simple rules, comical enemies, and collectable items allow for casual action gameplay.

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Experience the fierce battles of the Warring States period in Japan with SamuraiBrickBreaker, a game that combines BrickBreaker, samurai, and humor. Join forces with Zy, the air-headed character, to defeat famous samurais from around Japan and unite the country. Learn about anecdotes and specialties from different regions while enjoying casual action gameplay with comical samurais.

The protagonist, who lost his parents at a young age, follows his father's dying wish to unify the country with the help of his mentor, Zy. The game is based on the familiar BrickBreaker rules with items that enhance the action. The objective is simple: move the fence (paddle) left and right to support the blue samurai (you) and destroy the enemy troops within the time limit to win. Be careful not to lose the blue samurai or let your strength reach zero.

Adjust your paddle position well to cut into the enemy's weak points, and use four different items strategically to get through the battlefield. Get rice bales to bring reinforcements, a cannon to fire at enemies, a rice ball to reach full strength, and a hammer to have full bar endurance. Collect Oval coin to strengthen your army by increasing parameters of the blue samurai, reinforcements, and paddle, and increasing the loading speed of your cannon.

The more combos you make by attacking enemies in succession, the higher score you'll get. The combo will reset when you hit the paddle. Win bonuses include Oval coins, and you can win them according to your score. There is also a score ranking function for each stage and difficulty level. Challenge yourself with extra modes for each stage, where you'll fight against enemy forces with enhanced strength, speed, and attack power.

Enjoy Zy's loose conversations about samurais and the Warring States period between levels. You can also adjust the display interval of advertisements by using the Oval coins you earn in the reinforcement screen to extend the viewing time of reward ads. With the option to make play cycles shorter, you can explore different strategies to achieve victory.
Release date
May 23, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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