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Sender Unknown: The Woods

Game overview

Text adventure thriller game with interactive choices written by professional writer Lisa Brunette. Help Morgan and friends survive a madman's traps and riddles. Multiple paths, exciting twists, and reveals.

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Sender Unknown is a thrilling text adventure game created by a professional writer. Every choice you make in the game can alter the story and ultimately determine the fate of the characters. Morgan and their friends have found themselves in grave danger and require your help to survive. The story and dialogue were meticulously crafted by renowned author Lisa Brunette.

Morgan's insulin supply and friends have been taken, and it appears that the culprit is a deranged man who communicates through the radio. He enjoys setting elaborate traps and poses riddles. You can receive images, thereby gaining insight into these diabolical traps and helping Morgan navigate safely through this nightmarish ordeal.

This interactive game offers numerous features to keep you engaged. You must select from three options in every situation which ultimately shape the story and build stats in five distinct categories. Additionally, beautifully rendered images accompany crucial scenes and puzzles, providing a visually stunning experience. The game also sends real-time notifications to immerse you further in the story.

You can play this game offline as it does not require an internet connection to play. Daily Magic Productions has partnered with the acclaimed author and game writer Lisa Brunette to create a tale where every decision you make leads to various outcomes ranging from romance to unexpected twists, reveals, and even life or death situations.

Upon reaching a game ending, you are given three options: reset to your last defining choice, start from the last chapter, or begin from the very start. Stats will accumulate over the course of the game, and they will determine the outcome of various choices.

Can you lead Morgan to safety and beat the villain at his own game without sacrificing anyone? Will you uncover the mysteries that haunt the dark woods? After completing the initial chapter, you will be invited to unlock all the content to experience the remarkable story crafted by a designer with a decade of experience.

If you love spooky stories filled with love, betrayal, murder, and captivating twists, Sender Unknown is the game for you. Lisa Brunette, the writer behind this fantastic game, is an accomplished author and game writer credited with crafting hundreds of games that have been enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

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Release date
Oct 13, 2017


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