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Explore dungeons, collect treasure, and strengthen characters with magic stones. Simple intuitive turn-based action battles with touch and flick combos.

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Get ready for an action-packed dungeon exploration game, where you can level up your character and dash through the dangerous dungeons to find treasure!

Explore the dungeon and gather all the treasures, but beware of various events and enemies that might be lurking around the corner. The best part is that, except for events, dungeon exploration is automatic, making it easy to enjoy without any fuss. What will happen when you collect all the treasures in every dungeon?

Enjoy the easy-to-use and intuitive turn-based action battle system featuring simple controls. You can attack your enemies as much as you want within the given time limit during your turn! Swipe to push enemies back or tap to attack them directly - it's an uncomplicated and intuitive system! Combining combos at the right time can significantly increase damage dealt. Also, touch or swipe enemy attacks to reduce potential damage to zero!

Make sure to strengthen your character, and you'll be able to grant them various benefits by acquiring "magic stones" during dungeon exploration. By synthesizing these magic stones, you can transform them into more powerful stones and equip multiple ones at once to amplify the benefits. Choose to extend your favorite effect or give your character a variety of benefits - it's up to you!

Finally, discover the various advantages of the treasures you collect. You can find lots of useful items to aid your exploration - but beware, some of the treasures might just be trash!
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