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AI ship searches for new human home. Random planets, events make every playthrough unique. Settle or keep searching? High scores reveal colony success.

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In this unique strategy game, embark on a thrilling adventure aboard an AI vessel filled with frozen colonists. Your mission is to scour the galaxy in search of the most suitable habitat for your human crew to thrive. Here, luck plays a crucial role, and you must decide whether to settle on a less-than-ideal planet or continue your search for the ultimate world, risking valuable damage to your ship along the way. With randomly generated planets, each playthrough presents new challenges, ensuring endless replay value. As you journey through the vast expanse of space, expect the unexpected - dynamic events will test your wit and decision-making prowess. Uncover the fascinating stories behind each colony you establish, collect data and aim for a higher score. Get ready to defy the odds and guide humanity to its new home!
John Ayliff
Release date
Oct 20, 2017

Gameplay & Streams

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