Secret Agent Game: The 5 Keys

Secret Agent Game: The 5 Keys

Colin Greenaway
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Game overview

Experience the immersive world of Secret Agent 'The Five Keys': unravel riddles, break codes and explore luxurious locations to collect sensitive information before a notorious criminal.

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Secret Agent ‘The Five Keys’ offers a unique experience in point and click adventure gaming. The developers have turned the tables by making real life feel like a computer game rather than the opposite, resulting in an outstanding masterpiece. This game perfectly blends the traditional charm of point and click adventure games with an immersive cinematic experience.

CG Entertainment has brought together an impressive team of experts to craft an interactive world using movie-making techniques, 3D animation and coding. With that, players can look forward to exploring an elaborate and interactive world.

The game revolves around a mission handed down by the Secret Service. The notorious criminal, Draven, and one of his henchmen have been caught communicating about collecting sensitive information from Draven's coastal manor. As a Secret Agent, you are tasked with collecting the same information before the henchman, but this will be no easy feat. Draven is known for his clever and eccentric schemes, and you find yourself breaking codes and solving riddles to complete your mission.

As you explore the coastal manor and six other locations around the Harbour, you unravel the mystery behind the sensitive information. The game requires you to think critically and get into Draven's mind, as though playing your own role in an action-thriller movie. Secret Agent ‘The Five Keys’ guarantees an unparalleled gaming experience that is truly unique and genuinely exciting.
Colin Greenaway
Release date
Sep 17, 2021

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