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Second Battle of El Alamein

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Experience the challenge of leading Axis powers on defense in the historic Second Battle of El Alamein with logistic dimension and smart AI technology.

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Experience the challenging battle of the Second Battle of El Alamein in The Impossible German Defence, a turn-based strategy game developed by Joni Nuutinen. Set in the scorching summer of 1942, the Axis forces have lost their momentum to advance towards Egypt and seize control of the Suez Canal due to their chronic lack of fuel. With the overwhelming Allied forces coming their way, the Germans and Italians were forced to deploy minefields and prepare for the inevitable British offensive. As the commander of the British 8th Army, Montgomery, you must relentlessly stockpile huge amounts of resources to overpower and defeat the Axis forces.

This game offers a logistic dimension that allows you to factor movements of fuel depots and fuel trucks to keep the mechanized armed forces moving. With historical accuracy, the game mirrors the actual setup of the campaign. Each game provides a unique experience thanks to the in-built variation and the game's smart AI technology. Crush your opponent and seize the top spot on the Hall of Fame while facing the multi-layered AI that balances between strategic goals and smaller tasks like encircling nearby units. Change the difficulty level, hexagon size, animation speed, and choose icon set for units and cities to alter the look of the game.

In order to emerge as a victorious commander, perfect your skills of coordination. Keep your units in groups to gain local superiority as adjacent units give support to an attacking unit. Rather than using brute force, encircle the enemy and cut off their supply lines instead.

Rest assured that your privacy is protected with no account creation possible, and the username used in the Hall of Fame listings is not tied to an account and lacks passwords. There is no use of location, personal, or device identifier data. In the case of a crash, non-personal data is sent to allow a quick fix. Play with peace of mind with no unnecessary permissions requested.

Join your fellow board game generals in changing the course of this classic World War II scenario. Conflict-Series by Joni Nuutinen has been providing highly rated Android-only strategy board games since 2011. These campaigns are based on the time-tested mechanics of TBS that enthusiasts are familiar with from classic PC war games and legendary tabletop board games. The campaigns are constantly updated, so your feedback is always welcome. Please use email for suggestions as it fosters a constructive back-and-forth without limitations of a store's comment system. Thank you for understanding.
Joni Nuutinen
Release date
Apr 20, 2018


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