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Game overview

Seal M: a cute, vibrant game with unique monsters. Choose from five classes, collect pets, and interact with others. Experience a unique combat combo system.

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Embark on a nostalgic journey with Seal M, a charmingly illustrated adventure set in a magical realm where each monster is brimming with character. Enter a visually stunning universe full of fantastical creatures and personable characters that will surely captivate you.

Choose your starting class from the benevolent Priest, honorable Knight, indomitable Warrior, mystical Mage, and agile Jester. Explore the vast wilderness and engage in battles with the aid of your loyal Guardian and trusty pets by your side.

Meet fellow players and forge friendships in-game to build a true sense of camaraderie. Craft your own custom combos in battle and experience a truly unique combat system tailored to each class. Become a couple in-game to conquer challenges together and grow stronger alongside your partner.

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