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ScytheKick is an app companion for Scythe board game, including options to manage Automa players and game scoring. Unofficial, with permission from game designer.

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Scythe enthusiasts, if Anna, Gunter, Zehra, and others can have sidekicks, then so can you! ScytheKick is designed to be your companion app for Scythe, the award-winning game from Stonemaier Games. This app enables configuring your Scythe game, managing Automa players, and scoring the game.

Using ScytheKick's user-friendly interface, you can choose the total player count and the Automa count. Additionally, you can select the expansions to include and whether you're playing a single match or a match for the Rise of Fenris Campaign (which would require an additional in-app purchase). Mech Menu Button on the application allows you to access the app Settings sheet, which enables managing the app settings.

After selecting the player factions and mats, ScytheKick shows a summary of the players (including who goes first). If you're playing with Automa, ScytheKick also allows you to manage Automa players and their movement with ease. You can draw Automa turn cards and combat cards using the app and keep track of their star tracker positions. On compatible devices, the app offers an augmented reality view of the map along with the Automa Helper upgrade.

ScytheKick has controls to manage in-app purchases, view an online user guide, adjust the volume, and disable screen locking when Automa is in use. Moreover, users have gentle control over whether Automa are friendly to other Automa players for the Automa Helper Solver. There is also an option to choose if the Active Airship variant is used and select the board size for the AR board.

The ScytheKick app smoothly moves to the scoring sheet, enabling you to enter the points per category (popularity, stars, etc.) per player. The app instantly calculates the scores and offers a summary of the scores for all players that can be shared.

ScytheKick is the perfect unofficial companion to the board game, Scythe. With its intuitive interface and ability to manage Automa players, expansions, and scorekeeping, ScytheKick will give you a competitive advantage. Produced with the permission of the game designer, Scythe, and its related content and art are reproduced with permission. Kudos to Jamey Stegmaier, Jakub Rozalski, Kai Starck, Ryan Lopez DeVinaspre, Morten Monrad Pederson, David Studley, and Lines Hutter.
Release date
Jan 09, 2017

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