Scrolls of Gloom

Scrolls of Gloom

Mike Hempfling
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Game overview

Match 3 style RPG with easy combat, dungeon crawling, and character management. Collect loot, enchant spells and weapons, and level-up while exploring secret dungeons.

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Introducing the Casual RPG you've been craving - Scrolls Of Gloom! This is not your typical dungeon crawler with steep learning curves, but instead a fun and easy blend of dungeon crawling, character management, and match 3 combat.

Assume the role of a brave and courageous Sorceress who stumbled upon magic spell scrolls that were concealed for centuries. These ancient scrolls can transport you to secret dungeons where you'll engage in battles with wandering monsters and collect loot.

Venture through the dungeons and slay the roaming monsters while gathering riches. Use the wealth you acquire to boost your character. Keep an eye out for the key in each dungeon, which unlocks the next magic dungeon portal scroll. However, if you happen to perish or miss the exit portal, half of the gold you've obtained will be forfeited. Utilize gold to increase your experience level, raising your health points and melee abilities. Use gems to enchant your weapons and spells for increased damage.

In combat, the amount of damage dealt is proportionate to the number of tiles matched; the more matches, the more damage. Be sure to choose spells or weapon tiles that damage the monsters, and avoid skull tiles that harm you. A mini map is created to assist you in navigating the dungeon as you explore.

Download Scrolls Of Gloom and embark on a thrilling adventure today!

- Exploration of dungeons
- Engage in battles with wandering monsters
- Collect loot
- Combat via the match 3 style
- Daily bonus chest
- Enchant weapon with gems
- Spells are enchantable with gems
- Unlock dungeon scrolls
- Health potions may be used
- Magic cards can be beneficial or detrimental
- Convert gems to other ones
- Use melee and spells in combat
- Character level-ups achievable
- Unlock new spells upon reaching higher levels
- A mini map is created throughout your exploration
- Easy to learn and play.
Mike Hempfling
Release date
Jul 28, 2018

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