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Collect and use scrolls of creatures, spells, and machines, building your unique army to battle against players online or solo.

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This game is available for free, however, the full version can be purchased from the in-game store. A stable internet connection is a requirement to play the game.

Get the best of card and board games all in one app! Welcome to a world where the soul of conflict lies on parchment. You will employ the strength of creatures, spells, and antique machines to be victorious in your battles. Use your collection of scrolls to deploy your forces and gain an advantage. Some of these scrolls are rare, others are common, some are brutal, and the rest are strategic.

As you progress, you will develop a unique army and use your skills to manipulate it. In due time, you will face other players and demonstrate your might in battle. The entirety of this game has been designed to provide with a unique experience. Building your army is simply the first half of the conflict. Develop strategies and take command of the battlefield with the best elements of card and board games combined.

Start building your army; we currently offer over 350 scrolls from four unique factions which you can mix and match as you please. Play solo or with friends, as the game offers solo challenges, online competition, and casual gameplay. You can chat and trade with other scroll soldiers on the black market, and use your hard-earned gold in our store. Socialize with other players both before and after battles; remember to keep it civil.

The game can be played on tablet, PC, and Mac, so you can flex your gaming skills regardless of the platform. Participate in Judgement Mode to build a one-of-a-kind deck and see how it holds up against other players' decks.

Additional information, such as the latest updates, is available at Contact for assistance or for any queries or concerns, contact our Privacy Policy or review our Terms of Service at We hope to see you on the battlefield!
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